Buy Bedding Made in USA: The Ultimate Bedding Source List

made in the USA Bedding

You have asked, and we have delivered! Over the years, requests for American made comforters, sheets, duvet covers and other bedding items have made their way to our in-boxes. It took some time, and list checking, but we have finally compiled a source list for made in the USA bedding. This is one category where you can get everything you need made in the USA. Buying American made bedding has never been easier!

Don’t see your favorite American made bedding company on the list? Leave us a note in the comments and we will be sure to add it to our list!

Buy Bedding Made in USA: Top Picks

Made in USA Luxury Bedding: Authenticity 50

On the hunt for luxury bedding that is 100% made in the USA? Authenticity 50 bedding is manufactured in the USA from seed to stitch and is made from high quality, grown in California, Supima cotton. Supima cotton thread is stronger and softer than regular cotton, creating softer, more breathable bed sheets. Authenticity 50 bedding is available in the percale weave which is longer lasting (the sheets get softer with more use), more durable, and less prone to pilling than sateen weave bedding. Authenticity 50 bedding is NOT wrinkle free, as formaldehyde is used in the process to make fabric wrinkle resistant, and EWWW, who wants to sleep wrapped in formaldehyde?! Authenticity 50 offers sheet sets, duvet sets, duvet covers, and classic pillow cases.

Luxury bedding by Authenticity 50 | 100% made in USA  Authenticity 50 luxury bedding | 100% made in USA

Made in USA Bedding Sets: American Made Dorm & Home

Back in 2012, we introduced USA Love List readers to American Made Dorm, a new company dedicated to providing high quality, affordable American made bedding options to college students and boarding school students. It didn’t take long for this company’s made in USA bedding to grow in demand.  So much so, that home bedding options were added to their product list, and hence the name was changed to American Made Dorm & Home. Today,  American Made Dorm & Home takes pride in the fact that ALL of the comforters, duvets, shams, accent pillows, sheets, and curtains available on the company’s website are made in the USA and are of better quality than made in China comparisons. American Made Dorm & Home bedding sets for dorms are available in the hard to find twin xl size and are available in patterns and colors that students love.

Use promo code LoveList 15 for 15% off your American Made Dorm & Home order

Dorm room bedding by American Made Dorm & Home | Made in USA Made in USA comforter bed set by American made Dorm & Home

Made in USA Organic Bedding:

If you have allergies or sensitive skin, than the bedding available at is the bedding that you have always been looking for. All of the products available at have been selected with allergies and sensitivities in mind. All bedding is hypoallergenic, and free of irritants. Blankets and sheets are made from US grown organic cotton. Comforters and pillows are down and feather free and made with organic cotton, organic wool, kapok, or natural rubber. Dust Mite Barriers contain no plastics or synthetic materials, and are made with heat fused organic fabric (fabric is from Germany, products sewn in US) instead.  Not all of the bedding sold at is made in the USA, but most of the items are and everything is clearly marked.

Buy bedding made in USA |Organic comforter, no down, no feathers, allergy free | Luxury comforter from NoFeathersPlease | Made in USABuy bedding made in USA! | NoFeathersPlease made in USA chenille natural blanket | Organic, allergen free

Buy Bedding Made in the USA: Ultimate Bedding Source List

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Buy bedding made in USA | Ultimate source list of pillows, blankets, sheets, comforter, duvets, and more, all made in USA

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  1. I am only familiar with a few of those companies, thanks for the list. Now I see there are a lot of choices.

  2. Christina Moore says:

    I would love to buy from these companies

  3. Have you checked out Authenticity 50? They do bedding and weave and sew their fabric entirely in America.

  4. Katt Lewis says:

    What happened to cotton percale sheets? I’m not liking the microfiber or jersey sheets very well. I’d help get these names out just to get more people to buy American.

  5. So many awesome sheet options! I am happy to learn that there are so many USA made sheets. I like that there are also organic options. Keeps the chemicals off the sheets that come in close contact with my skin for hours at a time. Thanks for the article.

  6. I am in the market for new sheets and your website was the first place I went to! Thank you!!

  7. Tamra Phelps says:

    I love the look of the bedding. That looks so soft & warm.

  8. Deborah Bass says:

    Wicked Sheets @ https:/ are for wicking moisture away, and keeping cool for those who have sweat issues. The owner/creator, All Truttman has corporate office in Louisville,KY, but sheets are manufactured in OH, with specific standards. If you know anyone with this problem, definitely consider these USA made sheets.

  9. Anne Paris says:

    I just bought made in the US sheets from a new company Lime and Leaf and I love them. They have really pretty colors and are so soft. I bought the Seaglass ones and they washed really well. You should add them to your list. They also have table linens if interested.

  10. Emily Brannon says:

    I’m researching sheets and landed on this page. I followed the link to Casper’s website and found that their cotton is grown in California, but the sheets are, in fact, made in India.

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