Many times, without even trying, I end up with high quality made in USA beauty supplies in my hands.  As a professional makeup artist and Esthetician I sample countless product lines and many times I am pleased to see that I will be able to share them with our readers as something we love, made in the USA.  This list of beauty products is what I have been reaching for during the past month.

Benefit Fake Up.  It is a highlighting concealer that doubles as simple highlighter, love this stuff.  It goes on creamy and stays creamy, no creases, no cakeiness and full coverage.

Victoria Secret's Pink Body Lotion in Sunkissed.  All their lotion is super hydrating and made in the USA but this scent takes me to the beach.

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse.  I shared this earlier this month when I wrote, how to apply self tanning products.

StriVectin SD.  This is a peptide and vitamin B derived super product.  It changes my skin; it is designed to tone stretch marks and it does.

Vapor Organic Beauty cream stick bronzer.  Easy and blendable.  I pair this with the fake-up concealer stick for speedy makeup days.  It blends well enough to do some quick contouring and adds a pop of color to my face.

Kelly Teegarden Organics lip gloss.  I love this for its packaging as much as the actual product.  It has a light up mirror, how can I leave this stuff alone!?  The shade is perfect too.

Urban Decay Beauty Balm.  This is an untinted BB cream but with all the other benefits.  I love the smell and the fact that it gives an even cast to my complexion.  It smells almost minty which is a bonus for me, that and the SPF 20.

What is your current favorite made in USA beauty product?