Made in USA,Fame Appeal launches an inspired fashion line

Witness the birth of a fashion brand, Fame Appeal, dedicated to American style and American manufacturing.  Fashion designer turned law student turned entrepreneur, Mohammed Shariff has spent the last two years blogging and blending his passions for entertainment, fashion, and business. is a beautiful collision of best-friend fashion advice, lawyer-friend business advice, and snarky-friend cultural commentary which combines to make a fascinating and unpredictable read. Now, this fall, Fame Appeal has launched its own line of fashion with a collection of scarves, all made in the USA.

“I started the clothing line when I saw the Occupy Wall Street people, and I saw people were upset” said Shariff. “I thought, why not help give people jobs?” Through dogged determinism and a wide network from his background in fashion and business, the 27-year old designer and founder identified a manufacturer just across town in a hard-working neighborhood of Philadelphia. Fame Appeal began production of his first item in time for the holiday season. He is already at work on new products for a summer line and on trying to support local jobs by directing more business to his manufacturer.
The Fame Appeal brand makes its debut with an American-made collection of scarves in six color combinations. Each color scheme has been specifically designed to work for both men and women and to complement traditional fall and winter palettes.  They are extra long, nearly seven feet, to allow for wrapping many different ways.  Sharif selected a unique synthetic material with a silky feel but the warmth and breathability of natural fibers. “I saw a real need for individual expression in the business environment,” said Sharif. “Whatever I make, I want the young professional to wear it, have a classic look, and have an interesting twist.”
Fame Appeal scarves are machine-washable, affordable, and an easy gift with a great story behind it: just the kind of story that USA Love List loves to share.
Visit the Fame Appeal Shop Online and read the Fame Appeal blog at –>>

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Post by Sarah Wagner

Sarah is the founder of USA Love List and MITUSA Media. She lives near Philadelphia but is a native and summer resident of Michigan. A mom of two who loves to travel, Sarah's current projects were inspired by a cross-country RV trip.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Great write up!! It’s nice to know that USA made things can also be fashionable!

  2. Sounds like a cool launch. Thanks so much for showing off your style on Monday Mingle.

  3. Thanks, Nicole. Fame Appeal is right here in Philly so we are extra proud to spread the word about their new fashion line and their commitment to Made in the USA.

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