Unique American-made Wedding Gift Ideas for the Eco-Conscious Couple


On the hunt for THE perfect Eco-friendly bridal shower or wedding gift? Looking for a gift with meaning that will be used AND remembered? I’ve got you covered.

American Made Handbags: The Ultimate Source List

American Made Handbags on USALoveList.com

American made handbags are hard to find, so we’ve put together an ultimate source list for you. While some of these handbags are a small investment, all of these brands offer quality products and many of these brands offer lifetime warranties. Let us know which bag is your favorite in the comments section!

Four Favorite Made in USA Ways to Unplug Your Family and Have Fun


In today’s digital world we can connect with anyone we want, anywhere we are. Internet, social media, laptops, tablets, cellphones….it seems like  every year some form of new technology is added to the list to make this connection stronger.  But here’s the question: is the family unit suffering in the long run?

American Made Vacation Giveaway: Win a Cinda b Beach Bag and a complete set of Travel Accessories

American Made Fashion From Cinda b

We know our readers LOVE Cinda b. Who could blame them? The brand is nothing short of perfect. The patterns are fun and colorful, the bags and accessories are waterproof and machine washable, and they are American made. It really doesn’t get better than that. Last month’s giveaway was so popular, we’ve teamed up with […]

Malvin + Joyce – Timeless & Iconic American Made Work Boots for Men


The Malvin + Joyce American made work boots were inspired by the quality and craftsmanship that came out of Chicago shoe factories.

How About an American Made Belt For Father’s Day? We love this one from Osmium.

American Made Belts From Osmium.jpg.jpg

I have said in many a post, you get what you pay for. That statement holds quite true with Osmium’s collections. I particularly love the brand’s Mobius Belt for its unique look. Despite being a minimalist design, the belt really stands out on its own and make’s for a long-lasting addition to any man’s wardrobe. Osmium’s […]

Wedding Gifts We Love, Made in the USA


We are in the midst of wedding season. When friends and relatives get married, we’re thrilled for them, but it usually means giving a substantial gift.  Remember when ABC News reported that if every American spent $64 on American-made goods, it would create 200,000 jobs? One wedding gift would do it.

Upgrade your Yard with 5 Clever American Made Garden Accents

Garden accents

American made garden accents will enhance any outdoor space. USA Love List offers 5 suggestions on how to incorporate items made in the USA to your outdoor living area.

Seven Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas for $50 or Less, all American Made

American Made Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

June 15th is Father’s Day.  Have you picked out the perfect gift for your dad yet? If not, here is a selection of USA Love List’s favorite, unique Father’s Day gift ideas from The Lodge, a retailer of stylish American made goods.

American Made Tools: A USA Love List Source Guide

American made tools

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it is perfect timing for USA Love List to share with you this American Made Tools Source Guide.  I am sure there isn’t a dad  (or hubby) out there that would complain about receiving an item off of this list!

Six Stylish Grad Gifts For Her

American Made Stylish Grad Gifts For Her.jpg

It’s always difficult to find fun graduation gifts that will last and that she’ll love. Here are six stylish grad gifts for her, all American made suggestions that I love!

Allen Edmonds – Handcrafted, Made in USA Shoes For Men {Review & Giveaway}


Superior, handcrafted, leather shoes sound like something you’d find in an Italian market, but Allen Edmonds offers this kind of quality dress shoe, made in the USA.  Fine fashion is not always imported. We’re thrilled to be able to give away a pair of American made men’s shoes to one of our readers.

American Made Fashion Giveaway: Cinda b Luggage and Accessories


When I’m packing for a roadtrip, I typically overpack. Usually my duffle bag doesn’t close and I have a tote bag that’s filled to the brim and it all looks like my belongs could fall out at any minute. With all these mismatched bags hanging off me, I look like a real bag lady. It’s […]

For Him: Fashionable Gifts For Father’s Day or Any Occasion

Fathers Day Gift Guide America Made Style.png.png

Buying for men can be so stressful. I never know what to get for my father or uncle when it comes time to buy them something. When Father’s Day rolls around my dad always tells me how he doesn’t need anything. While it may be true, I would love to create an outfit so he […]

5 American Made Father’s Day Gifts That Are Good for the Body, Soul and Planet

Father's Day Gifts for the Eco-conscious dad

Looking for the perfect made in the USA Father’s Day gift for the special dad (or dads) in your life?  I found five great gifts that not only is any dad sure to love, but that are also good for the body, soul and planet.

Ben’s Garden American Made Entertaining Essentials {Giveaway}

American Made Entertaining Essentials From Bens Garden

Have you seen all the wonderful things from Ben’s Garden? Cocktail napkins, découpage trays, expression artwork, French crystal dome paperweights, and the list of stylish must-have American made entertaining essentials goes on. Everyone loves a good party, and a stylish one is even more fun! Here’s your chance to win a few must have essentials for […]

10 Things We Love, Made in Maryland

Ten Products We Love Made in Maryland.jpg

While I’m a Virginia native, Maryland is quite close. I live 5 minutes from the border, right over the Woodrow Wilson bridge. Even though I’m close to Maryland, I was surprised to find so many great products I had never heard of, or never knew were produced in Maryland! I’ve curated a thoughtful list of […]

Luxe Lady: Guerlain Spa At The Waldorf Astoria – Best Pedicure in NYC

Best Pedicure in NYC at Guerlain Spa.jpg

Yesterday, I was invited to the Waldorf Astoria’s Guerlain Spa to experience the most lovely mani-pedi service I’ve ever had.  I’m still on Cloud 9 and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I’m going to go ahead and declare it the best pedicure in NYC because it was absolute perfection.

7 Cool Reasons to Sport a Hot American Made Hat this Summer

Henschel Hats

I hear the saying goes, “sun’s out, guns out!” but there are other things to worry about besides super toned arms this summer.  Whether you’re going on a hike, boating, at the beach, a fair, amusement park or gardening, it is important to protect your head, face and neck from the sun.  A great way […]

KettlePizza: Make Wood Fired Pizza in Your own Backyard! {Giveaway}

Kettlepizza giveaway

What could possibly be better than pizza? How about hot, crispy, wood fired pizza made anytime you want it, in your own backyard? Mmmm….PIZZA! With KettlePizza’s Pizza Oven Kit, you can do just that! The KettlePizza Pizza Oven Kit easily converts your own 18.5 or 22.5 kettle charcoal grill into a wood fired pizza oven.  Hey, […]

Five Products Made in the USA From Recycled Goods


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Ever wonder what the difference between REUSE and RECYCLE is? Companies that REUSE items to make products cut, sew, bend or form  unwanted “trash” into beautiful, stylish, functional new items. Companies that make products from RECYCLED goods melt, press, bend and transform an old item into a new substance. Then this substance is […]

Made in the USA Grills & Grilling Accessories: The Ultimate American Made Grilling Source Guide

grill guide

Whether you are in the market for a new grill, or just looking for some new accessories to spruce up the one you have, USA Love List has THE made in the USA grills & grilling accessories source list for you.

Companies that Give Back: 7 Brands that Support American Veterans

American Veteran Support

USA Love List has compiled a list of companies that not only make their products in the USA, but also make it a point to give back to the men and women who have served our country.

Reduce REUSE Recycle: Five American Companies That Turn Trash Into Treasure


The five American companies listed below take the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to a whole new level. They specialize in the REUSE part of the three R’s: Reduce Reuse Recycle.  I’ve picked five companies to represent the current trend of up-cycling, and they are doing it all American-made.

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